Based on ultramodern production lines BIZIOS S.A. produces a wide range of products in all kinds of packing.

The up-to-date factory is located in Elassona, in a 50.000 m2 privately owned plot covering an area of 10.000m2. It is located near the foot of mount Olympus, in an area well-known for its tradition in cheese making, since the conditions there are ideal for healthy and qualitative stock-breeding that produces fine raw material (milk).

The factory has the capacity to process over 120.000 kg of milk daily. The modern, fully automated production line of FETA cheese, which is one of the biggest in Greece, produces over 8.000 tones annually. In our constant effort for quality products, we have expanded over the production area. We have created a veterinary section in order to have the absolute control over the animals producing the milk for our products!

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