The Dairy Industry BIZIOS S.A. is one of the largest and most successful production units of dairy products in Greece.

Combining old traditional production methods with the advantages of the technological improvements, the company offers its customers, higher levels of quality based on the technological expertise and the 85 years of experience in the production of traditional Greek cheeses.

The story of BIZIOS S.A. goes back in 1927 when Nikolaos Bizios starts, in the highest village of the Balkans called Samarina, to produce a high quality hay for use as fodder, taking advantage of the exceptional microclimate of the area.

As a stock-breeder who knows what is necessary to such unit, he created the first family-owned cheese-making business, blending the devotion to stock-raising with the production of its goods.

The story continues in Olympus Elassona, during 1946, when Nikos's son, Georgios Bizios, transfers the production line to a cheese-making unit starting the making of a variety of cheese, such as Kefalotyri, Kaseri and the well-known FETA having as his equipment his inherited knowledge and his life’s experience.

In 1973 the operation of the company is passed to his children, Nikolaos and Zisis, who formed the cheese making company “BIZIOU G Bros”.

In 1997 the company “BIZIOS Bros” changed to incorporation named BIZIOS S.A. Dairy Industry.”

In 2007 the fourth generation, of the BIZIOS family, joins the run introducing their scientific knowledge in production, development and management of the company, always in relation with the traditional ways. Today, multimillion investments, have turned that business into one of the most technologically advanced and modern factories.

The company occupies well-trained high-skilled employees with honor degrees (Chemical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Food Technologists e.t.c).

The infrastructures have helped us succeed in achieving the perfect results in production. The size of the business along with the mass production has revealed us the golden ratio between the price and the quality. Guided by the experience of the family, in accordance with the fine quality guidelines and taking advantage of the technology assets, we are in place to give you the best product possible.

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