of origin & by tradition

For more than three generations, Bizios S.A. has adopted a production process that offers high quality products. Our efforts for improvement, social care, protection of the consumer, the employee and the environment have set the necessary conditions for top quality products that respect the Greek Mediterranean diet and culture.


evolution & excellence

Matching tradition with technological progress, Bizios S.A. offers today high quality Greek traditional dairy based on the company's technological excellence and 85-year experience. Our experience and knowledge lead our steps towards development and new market demands.


Expositions & Conferences

presentation, information & training

Bizios S.A. presents its products in international expositions and attends conferences for further information on new techniques. That is why Bizios S.A. offers innovative products of high quality and specifications

Private label

High quality with your own label

Bizios S.A. creates top quality products for your personal label! Just share your idea with us and we will make it happen! Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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