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The respect we have for nature and our commitment to “green” farming practices are a key component of our philosophy, and the secret behind the unsurpassed quality of our products, which always reach the final consumer in top condition: naturally enjoyable.


BIZIOS S.A., as a Green Enterprise and pioneer in the generation of recycled energy, is consistently working towards a sustainable, CO2-free future by adopting the best recycling practices for all its by-products (animal waste, by-products, waste, etc.).


As part of our green growth activities, we have set up an anaerobic model plant for the treatment of liquid waste in our dairy. This facility is an innovation in the dairy industry, being the first liquid waste treatment plant at national level and the 20th in the world. As part of the environmental objectives of BIZIOS S.A., the liquid waste treatment facility contributes towards the transition to a circular economy, as it reduces soil and water pollution, and offers a parallel economic growth from the benefits of the returns of green energy. The biogas produced from combustion in a high-efficiency electricity and heat cogeneration engine, provides significant amounts of thermal energy to the production line and electricity to the network, creating the right circumstances to enable our plant to make the most of all green development and circular economy practices.


With this in mind, in our dealings with customers and the public, we use raw materials from recyclable sources. We have installed solar panels on roofs, already generating 450,000 Kwh on an annual basis and industrial-type high energy performance LED lights that produce less heat and are safe for man and the environment. They are also 100% environmentally-friendly, safe and recyclable. Our company is also the 1st in Greece to have adopted the use of natural gas through a CNG supply network, which is environmentally friendly, has lower CO2 emissions and is reliable in terms of safety.


These investments aim at supporting the initiatives and activities which promote environmentally friendly investments, while assuring that everything we do is to the benefit of the environment, our customers and society as a whole. The goal of our actions is the protection of the environment and thus the improvement of human life. We choose to be an ideal workplace, where our people are inspired to be the best version of themselves. We make no compromise when it comes to quality and are committed to delivering the highest corporate responsibility levels providing long-term and sustainable solutions to society in general.