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Corporate Social Responsibility


At BIZIOS we all share a sense of responsibility towards you, your children and our children! With a vision and a strategy, we implement a broad Corporate Responsibility Programme. The key pillars of the programme involve the support of the Greek economy and primary production, the quality and safety of our products and the protection of the environment and of our people. Furthermore, we are implementing a series of social actions, with the goal of meeting the nutritional needs of the population. We become part of your daily life while contributing to the sustainable growth of our society and our country in general.


We support vulnerable social groups and families with multiple children.


BIZIOS provides meals for socially vulnerable groups and necessary goods for families with many children through donations to soup kitchens and charity initiatives to ensure their proper nutrition.

Our company consistently supports people in need, and our contact with these families enables us to remain aware with the struggles of their daily lives and offer solutions where possible.


We support the Greek Economy and Primary Production


With 90 employees and +500 partners, we distribute our products across Greece, and contribute in a substantial way by boosting employment and the Greek economy, through our social product.


BIZIOS, with a history going as far back as 1927, supports Greek primary production. It is the biggest buyer of milk from Greek farmers, since it absorbs 20% of the Greek production of sheep and goat’s milk in the region of the Prefecture of Larissa.


We work with livestock farmers with whom we have established long-term relationships of mutual trust, contributing to the sustainability of dairy farming in our country.